LaboCosmetica Ma-Fra NEVE Neutral Snow Foam
LaboCosmetica Ma-Fra NEVE Neutral Snow Foam
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Neutrale detailing Snow Foam / Pre-wash Shampoo



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LaboCosmetica Ma-Fra NEVE Neutral Snow Foam​
Neutrale detailing Snow Foam / Pre-wash Shampoo


#Nève is a prodigy of chemistry: a neutral foam shampoo with power comparable to an alkaline one!


Never before had a neutral pH shampoo been so effective on dirt.

#Nève is a concentrate of highly biodegradable surfactants without any phosphates, formulated in such a way as to adhere on the surface for a long time, cleansing it thoroughly, removing dirt and road contamination of any kind. #Nève is safe on any surface, even the most delicate trims and metal mouldings.

Thanks to the significant presence in its formula of sequestering agents of calcium carbonates, #Nève is able to maintain high performance even in hard water, decreasing the risk of leaving residues in the drying stage.

#Nève is safe on applied protection, be it wax, sealants or nanotechnological coatings.

The refined composition of #Nève, makes this shampoo safe even if used in sunlight.


#Nève, just like all #Labocosmetica products, is also developed, formulated and produced in Italy.


#Neve Snow Foam is applied with a high pressure cleaner together with a foam gun


Contents: 1000ml

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